Sitemap - 2021 - Abernathy Road

Mass testing a great strategy - six months ago. Plus, Trump & vaccines; power of local journalism

Omicron is easily transmitted but mild, as predicted early on. So why all the panic?

Heat turned up on Manchin. Plus, CRT gets no respect from either side. And, Fox News texts.

Fred Hiatt's gentle leadership at The Post will be missed. Plus, Alec Baldwin gun claim scrutinized

The politicization of the court arguably happened back in 1973. Plus, guns do not fire themselves.

Omicron: Don't panic, but please read these panicky stories. Plus, the race and jury debate.

Rittenhouse likes Trump, guns and police. No, that doesn't make him or anyone else suspicious

'Impossible' to lose after a Trump endorsement? Plus: Trump and his legacy; back on 'NewsHour'

Republicans who supported infrastructure were right. Plus, don't blame the ball for bad shooting

Will Biden and the Dems in Congress heed Tuesday's wakeup call? Evidence says not yet.

Trillion dollar debacle. Baldwin case. Vaccine mandate blowback. Ranking classic horror.

Facebook can't win Whac-A-Mole. Biden gets Trump treatment. And scary Halloween stuff

With Powell comment, Trump does more himself to lose support than anyone could do to him

Media that perpetuated dossier lies want Trump to get over it. Plus: Bad journalism; taking on wokeness; classic monsters

Shatner's space jaunt was unifying. Plus: Superman's new identify. Hammer's Dracula

NYT: Covid is not a referendum on virtue. Amen. Plus, kudos to Bezos as WaPo pounds away.

A record 10.9 million jobs are available, but labor participation is lowest in decades. It will be worse.

Of course he is: William Shatner, Kirk himself, soon to go where no 90-year-old has gone before

In testimony, Gen. Milley casts doubt on book's claims about anti-Trump comments and actions

Forced vax backlash just beginning. Plus, 'zero cost' is a joke. And, latest Trump tell-all is here.

Where do we put billions of solar panels? Plus, report says Arizona audit confirms Biden win.

Terrorism experts label millions of conservatives as radicals, an attitude that divides us even more

Milley must go, and that shouldn't be a partisan issue. Plus, NewsHour discussion. And RIP Norm.

Who told Joe Biden that yelling, lecturing and threatening were effective communication tools?

Joe Biden should remember George Washington's refusal to be king. Plus, abortion piece blowback

Biden wants to expand solar, but he'll have to convince people to allow the panels to be placed

Biden's bad Afghan pullout dwarfed only by his struggles to explain his decisions along the way

Wanted: Someone pure enough to host 'Jeopardy!' And, Trevor Noah NYT ad is funny.

Vaccine researchers spring up across the nation. Plus, reporters once covered what candidates said

Trump still says things in direct ways that other politicians can't. And, goodbye Facebook.

Sadly, not everyone is moved by the anniversary of 9/11. Plus, some balance on covid reporting.

Biden was almost Trump-like in his defiance and refusal to apologize for the Afghanistan debacle

Fox News' infatuation with J.D. Vance continues, and it makes you really start to wonder why

When Tucker Carlson and WaPo agree, you know the CDC has illegally overstepped its authority

Today's media seems to think actual judges, juries are unnecessary. And, the AP does amazing work

In 2020, talking about covid, Biden promised, 'I will end this.' In fairness, he didn't say when.

Jan. 6 was a horrible day, but it wasn't a coup attempt since Trump was still the president

On covid, focus should be on seriousness of illness, mortality rate, not cases. Plus, fun with 'Snerdley,' Abrams, Medved.

Respect is the key to a united America; belittling Trump supporters is unfair and unproductive

Texas Dems, Bezos' gratitude, Vance's reputation and Bucks old-fashioned NBA championship

Trust in the media is tanking, so let's make the painful changes necessary to reverse the trend

Why is Fox News promoting J.D. Vance over other Ohio Republicans? Plus, defining 'classic horror.'

Harris becomes spokesperson for the DNC. Plus, Pelosi rips Trump, and the media melts away

J.D. Vance: Authentic outsider or pandering politician? Plus, Trump sues Big Tech. Good.

Among interesting trending Google searches, the lumber aisle exorcism was most irresistible to me

It's ridiculous to question our elections, until it's not. Plus, return to masks? Good luck with that.

Trump needs to sharpen his message and shorten his delivery so people won't walk out of rallies

Small newspapers are finally fighting back against Big Tech using their content to grow ad revenue

In free speech ruling on teen's 'F-word' rant, are we ignoring another aspect of that outburst?

Barkley won't be the last whose frustration over cancel culture leads them to walk out the door

USA Today piece details suppression of lab leak theory, and how alternate ideas were ridiculed

'Juneteenth' proves gov't can be bipartisan and work at warp speed. Plus, 'appropriation' nation.

Biden will win plaudits for Putin 'showdown,' but nothing will change. Plus: Best NBA team ever?

Quick hits: Biden's threat priorities. Summit coverage. Mixed vaccine messages. Tiger King.

Flag Day doesn't get a lot of attention, but we should take some time to think about our flag

If Biden calls things 'infrastructure' that aren't, isn't there a word for that? Plus, a PC update.

Fauci finally just declares himself to be 'science.' Plus, me and my ilk are doing fine, thanks.

Covid responses reflected much more. Plus, a 'Talkline' visit. And Obama and 'cancel culture'

West Virginia's two senators playing important roles nationally. Plus, Biden adm agrees w/ Trump

Former VP Mike Pence walks a tightrope in his first extended remarks about Donald Trump

Sports & media: Athletes should be careful what they wish for. And race narrative in Celtics shuffle.

RNC wants some presidential debate changes, and its complaints are not entirely without merit

Coverage: GOP flees with underwear, Dems stage 'dramatic walkout.' Plus: Symbolism v. substance

Trump-style rudeness apparently OK when aimed at the right. Plus: Nutty virus theory credible now

As we continue to see, the worst thing Trump did was reveal the hate and vitriol of his enemies

Bridging our divide requires difficult actions. Plus: NBA puts politics aside, but what changed?

We don't need a commission on the Capitol incursion. Plus: GOP jumps on $$ bandwagon

When will cable news grow up? Plus: AP examines Trumpiest hopefuls. And, Demi Lovato are here.

Store mask policies guide my shopping. Plus: Bridging the political divide. And, on 'Talkline'

Never Trumpers struggle with facts. Plus: Masks thankfully going. And, a Johnny Cash mystery.

Parties change, from top, or bottom. Plus: DeSantis marches on. And, a YouTube reversal.

DeWine ready to gamble on vaccine lottery. Plus: A sudden about face on vax'd people and masks

A 'supply crunch' is not a shortage? Plus: Cruise has won acting awards? And, Liz, round-the-clock

Netflix series a riveting new take on 'Son of Sam' murders. Yes, higher jobless benefits hurt hiring.

Elon Musk hosted SNL, made no apologies, and somehow the world kept turning anyway

Biz can't compete with gov't $$. Plus: Happy b'day, George Will. Sports are classrooms, too.

It's OK if voting takes effort. Plus: Media's Liz Cheney crush will fade. And, sleep, Snow White.

Here's how to show we trust the vaccine. Plus: FB ruling on Trump chilling. And, Willie Mays at 90.

Effort to dump Cheney misguided. Plus: Woman, 19, ends up in senior living. And, still pouting.

Too much power in too few hands. Plus: Erik Wemple's right. And, dogs may be on a mission

Fun to be back on Hoppy Kercheval's show. Plus: Covid reality will win. And, SNL cast revolts. Yawn.

Biden cements big spender rep. Plus: Let's use truth to encourage vaccines. And, Dr. J's truth.

'Reparations' column responses were interesting. Plus: Free speech issue. And, Oscars ratings tank

Politics again infects the Oscars. Plus: FOP responds to LeBron. And, grading the prez.

Covid sanity starting to return. Plus: Do reparations fit conservatism? Nick & George

Corporations fear bad pub more than voter suppression. Plus: Newspapers sue. Sleep in.

Justice was done in the Chauvin trial because the process happened. Plus, a few quick thoughts.

Did Maxine Waters finally go too far? Plus: Dan Bongino WaPo profile. And RIP, Walter Mondale

Be wary of a Pelosi invitation. Plus: Reparations not an outrageous idea. And, prayers for Pence

It's OK to be apathetic about indifferent voters. Plus: Court packing. And, CNN in the middle?

Biden should admit agreeing with Trump. Plus: Focusing on late night. And, how does Pelosi feel?

Chief Justice should study presidency. Plus: NBA 'super team' debate. And, 'pause' hurts the cause

A border wall is infrastructure, too. Plus: Evangelicals in the crosshairs. And, Boehner.

The U.S. as Dorian Gray. Plus: Pressure on social media to ban alt opinions. And, RIP Prince Philip

TCM's 'Reframed' caters to 'woke' crowd. Plus: YouTube's repressive standards. And, Ds vs. Rs.

Pro sports now political PACs. Biden's right on broadband, wrong on others. And, a broad brush

Biden 'restores faith' in the new socialism, while corpocracy replaces democracy, & filters abound

Economy back, but keep spending. Plus: Big game show question. And, when will the fog finally lift?

Someday, we'll look for a hermit. Plus: Nice to be coddled by media. And, playing hooky, 2021 style

Liddy was a true character. Plus: Trump had an infrastructure plan, too. And, covid and risks.

Predictable boycotts aimed at Georgia. Plus: Who's an expert? Keeping up with the Trumps.

Yes, Biden will run again. And thoughts on the neverending politics of the covid pandemic.

Courts shouldn't silence news orgs. Plus: GOP has no standing on spending. Biden did pretty well.

Don't twist tragedies to fit 'woke' world. Plus: Half out, half locked down. Gun biz can thank Joe

Murders are tragic, regardless of motive. Plus: Trump left border blueprint. GOP can't diss $$.

Looking for news buried in 'woke' media. Plus: CNN presents opinion as news. Chauvin on trial.

Kobe Bryant case: Gruesomeness made easier. Science never wrong. Correcting Biden? Sorry!

'Talking filibuster' a good idea. Plus: Trump talks vaccines & Meghan. Biden says 85% love his dog.

Why do some refuse the vaccine? Plus: Don't dare disagree. And, prepare for higher taxes, America.

Biden divides rather than unifies. 'Rescue plan' puts Biden with FDR, LBJ. McConaughey for gov?

Does Biden lie more than Trump? Maybe. Plus: New CDC guidelines. Is PBS most fair & balanced?

Piers Morgan out after Meghan criticism. Plus: George Floyd, process vs. outcome. NYT & Trump.

Presidents should get who they want for cabinet, bench. Plus: Stop time changes. Harry & Meghan.

Biden admits stimulus is more a New Deal. Plus: Mob tactics to nail Trump. Media destroys Cuomo

Ending filibuster bad for America. Plus: Biden gets a pass Trump didn't. Baldwin hypocrisy.

Retailers must follow states on masks. Plus: Stimulus skeptics growing? Harry & Meghan.

Kudos to Texas for opening. Plus: Fringe group focus unfair to Trump backers. Socialism's here.

Informed, motivated voters should be the goal. Plus: Trump at CPAC. And happy news on 'Frasier'

Reminder: Social media isn't real world. Plus: It's trillions. Trillions! And Iverson's 'practice' a classic.

Credit Trump for covid downturn. Plus: Trump's still in the building. Manchin's the last dinosaur.

Portman nails Biden on relief package. Plus: Why downplay covid progress? Tiger life vs. golf talk.

Are glasses the new masks? Plus: Capitol attack hearings insightful. Suddenly, economy's good.

Dumping on voting systems sells pillows? Plus: Stirewalt takes on Trump, 'nincompoops.' And Merrick Garland finally gets his Senate hearings.

Good journalism is valuable. Plus: Internet is changing. NYT examines vaccine messaging

Montana latest to lift mask mandate. Ohio? Plus: Cruz attacked for trip. Prayers for Bob Dole

RIP Rush Limbaugh, who pulled millions to the right. Plus: Learning respect; covid, & jobs, fade

Pelosi has herself to blame for impeachment outcome. Plus: NYT & mistakes. Covering Trump.

In Congress, Sunday not a day of rest? Plus: Portman on Trump. 'Cat lawyer' funny & sad.

The ‘McCoy vs. Spock’ impeachment. Plus: Cancel culture strikes. West Virginia officially goes red.

Biden shouldn't ask for whom impeachment tolls. Plus: No anthem, says Cuban; 'Woke' scrutinized.

Impeachment: Here we go again. Plus: Biden 'too busy?' Super Bowl ratings down, and here's why.

Do Trump voters need deprogrammed? Plus: Pelosi brushes away reporters; 'Boss' was okay

What's the trade deadline for senators? Plus: Shatner's wisdom; covid reporting post-Trump

GOP has Greene, but Dems have their own issues. Plus: A goal for new Amazon CEO; And stop lecturing the GOP about Trump.

Biden's 'unity' fades away. Plus: Does 'My Pillow Guy' lose any sleep? And the NBA's fan relations.

We don't need ministries of truth. Plus: VP Harris irks Manchin; guilty pleasure of Hammer films

Trump's lawyers quit because he won't give up. Plus: Is Biden serious about unity? 'The Sit-In'

Jim Jordan happy to be Bob Dornan? Plus: Guilt by association. Good news for mask enthusiasts

Censuring Trump now more likely. Plus: DeWine OKs staying out later; now, smoking increases

Trump haters, please stop the moral lectures. Plus: Pinocchios for Biden; filling Portman's seat

Why are we wasting time when Trump's already out? Plus: NBA-free zone. Good luck to Portman

Interviewers could learn from Larry King. Plus: Finding good TV; Barbara Shelley; Hank Aaron

Cable opinion networks = CONs; Fauci unleashed; time for flood of Trump-trashing stories, books

Biden gets ‘A’ for brevity; the codes are safe and sound; if only Trump had said the words earlier

Fox News regrets Arizona call? Lineup shakeup underway. Biden enters, Trump says farewell

Cults we never heard of; Twitter’s arrogance; and society's growing cancel culture has run amok

Please, stop trying to make Nazi analogies and 'The Big Lie' a thing. It's lazy, inaccurate, divisive

If Biden wants to unify the country, here's the olive branch he must extend to conservatives

Accusations by AOC, others against Republicans on riot, covid-19 just create more divisiveness

The Democrats' previous witch hunt hurts their credibility even if Trump deserves it this time

DeWine signs 'stand your ground' legislation after considering a veto of the GOP gun bill

Trump's adversaries risk backlash of sympathy for the president by again misreading the moment