Fauci finally just declares himself to be 'science.' Plus, me and my ilk are doing fine, thanks.

By Gary Abernathy

In a new interview, Fauci declares himself to be ‘science’

I’ve tried not to be too hard on Anthony Fauci, the expert of all things virus-related who is a media darling of so many in the news business. I’ve never been impressed by him, and I’m among those who think he flip-flops constantly (and his newly-revealed emails back that up, I think). But hey, he’s spent his career in the fight against deadly diseases, so I try to cut him some slack.

But he makes it harder all the time. This week, in an interview with Chuck Todd, Fauci actually said the following in regard to critics who say he has been misleading.

“Such attacks on me are, quite frankly, attacks on science,” Fauci said.

Seriously? Disagreeing with Anthony Fauci or questioning his conclusions are “attacks on science?” No, they’re not. Fauci is apparently buying into his own press.

Fauci continues to downplay the notion that the covid-19 virus leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China. He still wants to think it eminated in nature, despite growing evidence to the contrary. As CNBC reports:

Saying that a natural-origin scenario is more likely “doesn’t mean there is a closed mind to it being a leak,” Fauci said, “even though many people feel, myself included, that still the most likely origin is a natural one.” “I haven’t changed my mind,” Fauci said. “You want to keep an open mind. It’s a possibility. I believe it’s a highly unlikely possibility, and I believe that the most important one, that you look at what scientists feel, is very likely that it was a natural origin,” Fauci said.

In fact, Fauci has aggressively blasted the notion that the virus was leaked from a lab. Here’s a quote from National Geographic in May 2020: “If you look at the evolution of the virus in bats and what's out there now, [the scientific evidence] is very, very strongly leaning toward this could not have been artificially or deliberately manipulated … Everything about the stepwise evolution over time strongly indicates that [this virus] evolved in nature and then jumped species.”

Fauci seems prone to allowing himself to be drawn into partisan battles, which makes him look like a partisan taking a side. It’s not a good look for someone supposedly driven by science, not politics.

My ilk’s doing fine, thanks for asking

A lot of people wouldn't believe the completely vile and hateful emails I receive from across the country in response to some of my Washington Post columns. I always laugh when people talk about how rude or cruel Trump supporters or conservatives in general are. They have nothing on the hate that comes at least as regularly from their counterparts on the left. And I’m talking about emails I receive where people usually include their names, not the message board postings on the internet that follow the columns, which I seldom read because they’re usually anonymous and even worse in tone and content.

Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t bother me at all. I just smile at it. I’m amazed that people can let themselves get so wound up and angry. But a common refrain is to refer to me and my “ilk,” and that’s what strikes me as particularly funny. I just find “ilk” to be a funny word. Hardly anyone uses it in conversation. But it seems to be a go-to word for those who want to insult me and people they perceive as agreeing with me.

So, following are a few lines from some actual emails.

“Stop with the (b.s.) that the new administration owes you and your ilk anything other than progressive activist government which actually intends to solve problems, as opposed to the fake government we have had to endure these past 4 years ( 400,000 dead, and counting.)”

“Cold was your president making fun of a Gold Star Mom and a disabled reporter and your ilk laughing about it.”

“Before asking Biden to extend an olive branch, how about you and your ilk apologize for supporting as president a man who isn’t  fit to operate a gas station.”

“You and the rest of your LIBERTY TARD ilk need to drop dead NOW.”

“If DJT and your ilk were in charge in 1941, we’d still be speaking Japanese and German today.”

“I can't imagine a more bittersweet irony than you and your gun toting ilk declaring yourselves the savior's of personal freedoms, when in fact there is no group who amplifies the qualities of a cult in a more succinct manner.”

“You and those of your ilk finally have their time coming in November and it’s gonna be a tidal wave in a census year.”

“You make me want to buy a gun and protect myself from your ilk.”

“Don’t you think it’s time for you and your ilk to abandon the political and economic philosophy you’ve espoused since the 1980’s and , oh, I don’t know, drown them in a bathtub?”

“You and your fly-over ilk know very well that this country is not going back to ‘when it was great again,’ whatever that means.”

“Like so many of your ilk, Sir, you have moral blinders.”

So, from me and my ilk, have a great day!

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