Trump's adversaries risk backlash of sympathy for the president by again misreading the moment

By Gary Abernathy

The drive to force President Trump from office with just a few days left in his term risks creating a backlash of sympathy for the president as, once again, his adversaries misread public reaction.

More than at any other time during Trump’s presidency, many of his supporters agreed that his words and actions on January 6 were reprehensible and contributed to the violent incursion of the U.S. Capitol.

But Trump’s longtime opponents are, as they often do, misinterpreting the moment and using it to attempt to silence the entire Trump movement. Taking away Trump’s ability to communicate with the public is a chilling move on the part of Big Tech. Depriving the social media app Parler from being available for download or operating in general is a sign of what can happen when we allow virtual monopolies to exist. Even if it’s true that these actions are being taken because their policies or standards are being violated, where do people go when they don’t agree with a company’s policies and standards? Where’s the competition?

Whether you love or hate Trump, everyone should be alarmed at these developments.