Censuring Trump now more likely. Plus: DeWine OKs staying out later; now, smoking increases

Censuring Trump was always smarter, but not like this

Reality – something in short supply in politics – seems to be rearing its head slightly among Democrats in the Senate following a test vote on an impeachment question which indicated the Senate will fall far short of the two-thirds necessary to convict former president Donald Trump.

Now, some Democrats are pushing a censure resolution – which should have been the first choice. I would support censuring Trump over his irresponsible refusal to accept the election results and for the tone of his remarks to an already riled-up crowd of thousands of supporters in Washington on Jan. 6. Unfortunately, Democrats aren’t suggesting censure instead of an impeachment trial; they’re bringing it up as an alternative after Trump is acquitted. So, there’s still an appetite for holding yet another impeachment trial with a foregone acquittal.

What Democrats are really interested in, of course, is forcing Republicans to go on record with a “not guilty” vote, which they think can be used against them in the future. Never mind that acquitting Trump a year ago didn’t seem to hurt anyone politically. This time, some are sure, will be different… because the definition of insanity – you know the rest.

DeWine says we can stay out later! Hurray!

If you live in Ohio, great news – you can stay out past 10 p.m.! The benevolent Gov. Mike DeWine’s latest decree has moved Ohio’s curfew from 10 to 11 p.m. That’s a whole extra hour of good, old-fashioned constitutional freedom to come and go as you please. Wow.

The 10 p.m. curfew began Nov. 19 and was only supposed to last a few days but, of course, it kept getting extended. The new, adult-sized curfew is set to last through Feb. 11, a date no one should circle on their calendar because it will almost certainly be extended. Why do they even put end dates on these restrictions?

Here are the protocols Ohio is claiming to follow: After seven straight days of hospitalizations below 3,500, the curfew will begin at 11 p.m. and run at least two weeks. After seven straight days of hospitalizations below 3,000, the curfew will begin at midnight and run at least two weeks. After seven straight days of hospitalizations below 2,500, the curfew will end.

Curfews are basically unproven to help fight a virus, as a New York Times report pointed out recently, noting, “The scientific evidence on curfews is far from ideal.” Check out the story.

Keep sending those checks, Uncle Sam, so we can light up!

         The Wall Street Journal reports that “the decadeslong decline in U.S. cigarette sales halted last year as people in lockdown lit up more frequently and health concerns around e-cigarettes caused some vapers to switch back to cigarettes.”

                The story notes that “people had more opportunities to smoke because they spent more time at home and had more money to spend on cigarettes because they spent less on gas, travel and entertainment…” In other words, another consequence of lockdowns/stay-at-home orders is more people smoking. Great.

             Also, don’t forget the stimulus checks that went to almost everyone whether they were needed or not. Thanks for paying for more smokes, Uncle Sam!