Jim Jordan happy to be Bob Dornan? Plus: Guilt by association. Good news for mask enthusiasts

By Gary Abernathy

Jim Jordan satisfied to be another Bob Dornan?

On the heels of Rob Portman’s surprise announcement that he won’t run for a third term in the U.S. Senate comes Jim Jordan’s even more surprising announcement that he won’t run for Portman’s seat, and will instead seek reelection to his Ohio 4th District congressional post.

After nearly everyone – including yours truly – pegged Jordan as the frontrunner for Portman’s seat, Jordan said Thursday he won’t go for it. A spokesperson for Jordan said, "Mr. Jordan believes that at this time he is better suited to represent Ohioans in the House of Representatives, where as the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee, he can advance an America first agenda, promote conservative values, and hold big government accountable."

That’s political talk for, “There’s a reason I won’t do it, but you’ll have to figure it out for yourself.” Ok, we’ll play. If he ran for the Senate, the race would be white hot with national coverage, which would include even more scrutiny on what Jordan knew about an Ohio State University sex-abuse scandal involving a wrestling team doctor when Jordan was an assistant wrestling coach at OSU from 1987-1995.

According to a CNN report last year, “…six former OSU wrestlers … told CNN in recent interviews that they were present when Jordan heard or responded to sexual misconduct complaints about team doctor Richard Strauss. Eight others say Strauss' inappropriate behavior was an open secret in the athletic department and that Jordan, among others, must have known about it.”

Jordan has consistently denied having any knowledge about Strauss’ actions. "Congressman Jordan never saw any abuse, never heard about any abuse, and never had any abuse reported to him during his time as a coach at Ohio State," his congressional office said in 2018, according to CNN. Strauss committed suicide in 2005.

Running for the House brings one level of scrutiny, but running for the U.S. Senate under a scenario where one win or loss could tip the balance of power makes the spotlight that much brighter – and hotter. You could almost already hear Jordan’s potential opponents for the Senate – Republican and Democrat – plotting how they would hit Jordan with the OSU allegations.

Jordan’s self-styled profile as a take-no-prisoners advocate for conservative causes and an unabashed supporter of former president Donald Trump will always motivate his supporters to promote him for higher office. Someday he’ll need to figure out a way to address the OSU issue head on in a way that puts the questions behind him once and for all. Right or wrong, ducking the race doesn’t end the subject; it elevates it as the most likely reason for ducking the race.

There’s plenty of time for Jordan to do an about face on the Senate race – or to challenge Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine in the 2022 primary -- and cite a “groundswell of support” for making him rethink his vow to stay put. Otherwise, as a political friend noted Thursday evening, Jordan will apparently be satisfied to be forever known as a firebrand congressman gaining occasional attention for his fiery attack dog style. Remember Bob Dornan from California? Or maybe you don’t, which is the point.

Biden interpreter canceled for doing pro-Trump videos

A sign language interpreter introduced Monday at a White House press briefing by Biden press secretary Jen Psaki will no doubt never be heard from again in that capacity because she has done interpretations for “far right” videos, and appears to be a Trump supporter.

No one appears to be alleging that the interpreter failed to provide accurate translation of Monday’s briefing. But according to Time magazine, interpreter Heather Mewshaw has been pictured wearing a MAGA hat and saying good things about Trump, along with participating in videos questioning the election results. The article stated, “For some members of the deaf and hard of hearing community, the inclusion of Mewshaw in kicking off the new White House initiative soured what should have been purely a moment of excitement.”

An administration utilizing people who are supportive of their initiatives is understandable. But some of the reporting out there about Mewshaw is over the top in trying to paint her as a far-right villain. That’s our culture right now. Next?

Good news for mask lovers everywhere!

Finally, for all the mask enthusiasts out there, good news! The experts are now saying that to really protect against covid-19 you should start wearing two masks. I can only imagine your excitement. Congratulations.