Why do some refuse the vaccine? Plus: Don't dare disagree. And, prepare for higher taxes, America.

By Gary Abernathy

Focus group shares why vaccines aren’t trusted

Why are Republicans, and Trump supporters in particular, hesitant to get a covid-19 vaccine? That question was posed to a focus group by pollster Frank Luntz, and the responses – and what can be done to overcome their hesitancy – are the focus of an interesting Washington Post story today.

Among the conclusions were, “Be honest that scientists don’t have all the answers. Tout the number of people who got the vaccines in trials. And don’t show pro-vaccine ads with politicians — not even ones with Donald Trump.”

More points: “Participants were adamant: They all believed the coronavirus threat was real, with many having contracted it themselves or aware of critically ill friends and family, and they didn’t want to be condemned as ‘anti-vaxxers’ who opposed all vaccines. Instead, they blamed their hesitation on factors like the unknown long-term effects of new vaccines, even though scientists have stressed their confidence in the products. They also accused politicians and government scientists of repeatedly misleading them this past year — often echoing Trump’s charges that Democrats used the virus as an election-year weapon and overhyped its dangers. Severalsaid that recent political appeals to get the shot were only hardening their opposition.”

Read the story here.

Just send the talking points and skip the conversation

The CBS talk show “The Talk” is “on hiatus” while executives review a recent program where Sharon Osbourne defended her friend Piers Morgan after Morgan said he didn’t believe Duchess Meghan’s comments during an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

USA Today reports, “CBS told USA TODAY in a statement that the episode is under internal review, noting that the network is committed to fostering diversity, inclusivity and respect in the workplace.”

The story notes, “During the exchange, Osbourne said she felt as though she was ‘about to be put in the electric chair because I have a friend who many people think is a racist and that makes me a racist,’ referring to Morgan, her former ‘America's Got Talent’ co-judge, while discussing Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's tell-all Oprah Winfrey interview.”

Our society increasingly tolerates only one opinion on a growing number of topics, and apparently Osbourne veered too far off the acceptable path. Why do we even bother discussing things? Just tell us all what we’re supposed to say so we can all read from the same script. It may be boring and unenlightening, but it won’t get anyone fired or a show placed “on hiatus.”

Now, Biden turns to how to pay for all the spending

President Biden plans to keep spending money, far beyond the recent $1.9 trillion “New Deal”-style bill falsely sold as covid relief, and even his own advisors are now saying he has to find a way to pay for future spending. That means, of course, higher taxes.

Yahoo Finance reports, “For the Biden administration, the planned changes are an opportunity not just to fund key initiatives like infrastructure, climate and expanded help for poorer Americans, but also to address what Democrats argue are inequities in the tax system itself. The plan will test both Biden’s capacity to woo Republicans and Democrats’ ability to remain unified.”

At least he doesn’t send mean tweets.

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