A border wall is infrastructure, too. Plus: Evangelicals in the crosshairs. And, Boehner.

By Gary Abernathy

Isn’t a border wall considered infrastructure?

In light of the failure of the Biden administration policy on immigration – which, let’s be honest, amounts to “open the door” – doesn’t it make sense to include continuation of the wall along the southern border as part of President Biden’s new infrastructure plan?

While Biden tries to add every progressive wish list program under the “infrastructure” definition, a border wall actually meets that requirement without any squinting or mental gymnastics. Few infrastructure initiatives seem more needed than one that protects the health and safety of U.S. citizens.

Biden is said to be convening “bipartisan” meetings in the coming days and weeks to try to build support for his new $2 trillion infrastructure package. Adding the border wall to the mix would probably go a long way toward making support for the legislation not just a one-sided deal, as was the case with the latest “stimulus” bill.

Evangelicals will be in crosshairs for supporting Trump

Now that supporters of former president Donald Trump have been successfully labeled white supremacists and violent militia members, it’s time to trash another broad alliance of Trump devotees, namely evangelicals.

The New York Times takes a run at that today with a story headlined, “A pastor’s son becomes a critic of religion on TikTok.” The story centers on Abraham Piper, son of John Piper, who the Times calls “one of the most influential theologians in America.” That’s the first I’ve heard of him, and I consider myself an evangelical Christian, but I had also never heard of the Proud Boys or Oath Keepers until the mainstream media started writing about them, despite having been a Trump supporter. I’m just out of too many loops, I guess.

Anyhoo… Here’s an excerpt from the Times story: “On a snowy day in February, Mr. Piper took 59 seconds to explain to his followers why it is absurd for Christians to make their children read the Bible. ‘While other kids are learning to read with comics or whatever normal parents have around the house, here fundie kids are — 6, 7, 8 years old — devouring stories of Jezebel being defenestrated and then eaten by dogs,’ he said with a bemused smile, using a slang term for ‘fundamentalist.’ The Bible is ‘basically ‘Game of Thrones,’’ he added, ‘“except if you don’t read it, you go to Hell.’”

The story basically celebrates Abraham Piper’s “bemused” attitude as being hip and chic, and a pretty cool way to rip on evangelical Christians. The story also references other former evangelicals or people with ties to prominent evangelicals who now ridicule the faith. Because that’s what’s fun these days.

The article concludes with what is apparently the younger Piper’s philosophy of life: “Lighten up, get laid, go bowling.” Which is his right. But the story is indicative of what evangelicals can expect to see more of, since they largely supported Trump, and Trump supporters are in the crosshairs.

John Boehner couldn’t relate to the modern GOP

I’m trying to decide whether to read John Boehner’s new book. I always liked Boehner – although I never met him – but from what I read, his book trashes Trump and is not kind toward other Republicans who supported Trump.

Boehner gave up being speaker of the House in 2015 when Trump was just coming on the political scene, but Boehner was already out of step with the GOP and the reasons it coalesced around Trump.

While I’ve been clear about my disappointment of Trump for his post-election actions, I sure don’t apologize for supporting him for president in both 2016 and 2020, and during his presidency in-between. I’m always fascinated by high-ranking Republicans who throw a fit over the fact that GOP voters don’t always do what they think they should do.

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