Okay, I'm done with with my short trip down Abernathy Road. I signed up for this newsletter on a recommendation of another decidedly non-conservative author with the idea I'd get some insight into a conservative mindset. But instead getting some rationales for your POVs, all I can see is the same sort of Con-splaining opinions that make Bill Hewitt and Mark Thiessen so well loved by the readers of the Washington Post. When you wrote that "And the members of the extremist groups who were involved do not represent the vast majority of Trump supporters across the nation, which is an impression some Trump foes often seem to try to impart", I had to laugh. Sure, the extremists who rioted at the Capital were just a small part of Trump supporters, but that's within the context of some 70% of Republican voters who believe the presidential election was stolen and that electoral fraud was rampant. Gee, why did leave that out?

Then, you went after the $300 in weekly UE as part of the country's "descent into socialism". I guess Gov. Abbott and the state house couldn't agree more, aiming to discontinue that money while at almost the same time planning to expand the tax breaks given to businesses by almost $10 billion.

I'm just glad I didn't waste any money by getting your rag for a short while.

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