Sitemap - 2022 - Abernathy Road

Hope you had a Merry Christmas -- or something else -- and have a Happy New Year

Among WaPo conservative writers, a push for GOP, Dems to make a deal on immigration

States that take forever to count votes should copy states that do it better. And other stuff.

Less than a week to go until the most important election of our lifetime*

The biggest threat to election integrity doesn't involve voting machines or new state laws

Trump, MyPillow guy rewrite the rules of how to respond when you're under investigation

If 'fascist' describes one party over another, it hardly seems to fit the Republicans right now

Why didn't the government just give everybody $10,000 or $20,000 each to do with as we please?

Mistakes by CDC and other 'experts' had tragic societal, economic and political consequences

Did the FBI get played by Trump on its raid of Mar-a-Lago? So far, it looks a lot like it did.

You don't have to like sports to appreciate Bill Russell, an activist-athlete when it was hard.

Does Liz Cheney have a path to the White House? Plus, Norman Lear looks back at 'All in the Family'

The J6 hearing, aka 'Fahrenheit 1/6,' back in prime time. Plus, AOC and the photo op arrest.

The sad case of the 10-year-old Ohio girl who sought an abortion. Plus, 'Get Trump!' renewed.

Everybody's getting nervous about Joe Biden. Plus, hate messages aren't unique, unfortunately.

Media again gobbles up spoon-fed 'hearing.' Plus, 'Elvis' finally offers the definitive biopic.

Jan. 6 committee furthers the trend of people presumed guilty. Plus, abortion back to states.

After Trump won in '16, the media promised to do better covering America. How hard did they try?

A new rash of gun violence? Only if you ignore 2020 and 2021. Plus, CNN 'fair and balanced?'

Here's who's responsible for Uvalde massacre. Plus, the Sussmann trial. And, generations.

Can we finally tackle people violence? Plus, Hillary's hand in Russia-gate. And, Frank Langella.

We will never plug all the holes leaking lies. Our trusted news sources just need to report facts.

Just as Trump is to blame for inciting Jan. 6 riot, Schumer is responsible for SCOTUS home protests

DeWine loses 24 of 88 Ohio counties. Plus, Vance flip-flops his way to victory. And, Roe reactions.

Sad to see journalists among those arguing to suppress free speech on social media platforms

Polls say masks have support, but our own eyes tell us otherwise when Americans have a choice

Despite fact checks, Biden lies again about guns. And imagine all the hate for not loving 'Imagine'

New covid cases should not make headlines. Plus, Kareem rips Smith, but forgets his own punches

Sean Penn's Oscar threat overshadowed by Will Smith-Chris Rock kerfuffle. And, Trump v. Hillary.

Cruz, Graham others in GOP on wrong track in Jackson attacks. Ex-prosecutor 'Comeys' Trump

Trump's 'fake news' claims aren't always wrong. Plus, the DOJ should investigate Tucker? Really?

According to Biden, all bad economic news is now blamed on Russia. Plus, is DeWine in trouble?

As Russia wages war, leveling sanctions is fine, but is describing them as 'tough' really accurate?

At Fox News, trust Jennifer Griffin on Russia-Ukraine, tune out the 'Wag the Dog' theories

NYT claims some issues too complex, but Durham filing requires reading left, right for a fair picture

Stuff I thought about while walking in the snow: Banning books, RNC resolutions, life with covid.

The astute power to persuade is more potent than the brute power to silence. Plus, Bengals ascend.

More cash assistance helps brains? Plus, the covid divide; casting doubt on elections; and what Republicans stand for.

Ohio district maps rejected, but don't think gerrymandering is only a Republican tactic

Jan. 6 was a shameful day but not a conspiracy, and the GOP is poised for victory in November